What's the latest?

12th of December, 2023: Hiatus 2023

The videogame plans fell through, married the producer instead. Currently busy with mental health. Updates will resume.

The B-Sides page has been updated. Check it out if you're looking for slightly better update schedules!

3rd of January, 2020: Hiatus 2020

Unexpectedly busier than initially expected. Scripts for next few chapters are done, but I did not finish thumbnailing them - let alone pages.

Most of my time is going towards work on Freyr at the moment.

Updates when it's done.

27th of May, 2019: Hiatus 2019

Busy working on other projects.

There will be various sketches and other updates mentioned on Twitter.
Also, there will be a period of time where I will attempt upgrading the website and webcomic reader. Hopefully, that will let it have a comment system with no tracking, and a better chapter system that supports some of the side-stories I've previously uploaded to Twitter and Instagram. When that is done, most of those side-stories will come to this website.

The hiatus should lift by the end of 2019, finishing off Nick's half of Chapter 1.

28th of January, 2019: Hiatus Over

I'm back. A new page every Monday.

16th of April, 2018: Long Hiatus

I've managed to live in one place for more than a year, but I'm still busy. Updates will resume 2019.

7th of November, 2016: Short Hiatus

Since I'm travelling and unable to update, the comic is on a short hiatus. Updates will resume November 14th.

10th of April, 2016: Speeddraw for Page 4

I recorded a speeddraw of page four, currently on its way to Youtube. The page is also up and currently here, about 100% readable.

4th of April, 2016: Website is live

Finally, the website is up and working. The story is finally starting, kicking it off it with a little bit of a slower paced prequel chapter.